Business Finance

Whether you require short- term finance to manage cash flow expenses or additional funds to grow your business, ACA Mortgage solutions can find the right finance solution for you.

Business Overdraft – can give your business access to additional funds when you need it most. This means you can continue to withdraw money ( up to a set limit ) after your balance reaches zero. The advantage of an overdraft is that you only pay interest on the amount overdrawn.

Line of Credit – is a finance option that is available for both new or established businesses. Meaning it can be secured against your business assets or unsecured. Having a line of credit is like having pre-approved finance that you can draw upon at any time you need it. The advantage of line of Credit is that you don’t pay any interest until you have access the funds and if you do not exceed your limit, there are no monthly repayments.

Debtor and Invoice Finance – is a short-term finance option that provides access to up 80% of your invoice value within one business day. The loan is reduced as debtors pay into your account and your funding increases when you submit new invoices. This kind of arrangement is suitable for business that have a turn over  in excess of $2M goods and services, experiense seasonal fluctuations in cash flow or  offer payment trading terms between 30 and 60 days.