How long does it take to get a home loan?

So you’ve just found your dream house. What do you do next?

If you do not already have a loan or finance pre-approval it’s going to take on average 45 days to close your loan. You could probably kiss your dream home goodbye.

The loan application process does not happen overnight and it’s important that you pre-plan and do your research.

You could use on online loan comparison website and look at different providers, the type of loan, loan features, loan costs, first home buyers grant, and Lenders Mortgage Insurance OR you could speak to our highly qualified mortgage brokers.

At ACA Mortgage Solutions our goal is to help find the right loan for you. Our brokers will carry out a home loan comparison from over 40 lenders and simplifying the loan application paperwork. We take away the stress and hopefully make buying your dream home an enjoyable process.

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